2023 Marian ACT FAQs

2023 Marian ACT 

Marian will offer an official ACT for all juniors on Tuesday, April 4. Taking this important test in an environment where our students are most comfortable is a tremendous advantage. Below are all the details of the Marian ACT. For other questions, please contact Assistant Principal Jen Christen at christen@omahamarian.org


Do all juniors have to take the ACT at Marian on April 4?
Yes, all juniors are expected to be here to test. Only juniors will come to school on April 4 so that they have a quiet testing environment. 

What do I wear?
Please wear your uniform for test day.

Do I have to pay to test?
Yes, the fee to take the test is $50.50. You will be billed through your FACTS account in March 2023. All payments will be collected by March 24. 

When do I arrive?
Students will report to Marian by 7:55 a.m. Testing room locations will be announced later.

When is it expected to conclude?
Students will be done testing by noon. Once testing has been completed, students are free to go for the day. *If you are testing with extended time, please see Ms. Trecek for beginning and ending times as those may be different. 

What should I bring? 
Pencils, eraser, and calculator may be brought into the testing room with you.

What can I bring to leave in the quad or hallway? 
You may want to bring a water bottle and a snack for the break time. While you don’t have a ton of time to eat and drink, it can give you a boost of energy. Bring smart snacks like fruit or granola. You may bring your phone or smartwatch, but these must stay outside the testing room. 

What about accommodations? 
If you have an accommodation plan, Ms. Trecek will be in contact with you about testing with accommodations. If you have questions, please direct them to her. 

What about my score? 
Marian will be able to see your score, just like any ACT test. You’ll also receive this score and you can send this score (if you desire) to colleges. This is a true ACT test. 

How do I get my score sent to colleges?
Prior to the test beginning, you’ll be able to enter the college information where you’d like your score sent for free. After the test you’ll be charged the standard fee of $16 to send your score to colleges. You will do this by logging into your account on act.org.

Can I get a reduced registration fee for the ACT?
If you qualify for a fee voucher for the ACT test, then the test is free. You should see your counselor if you believe this applies to you.