Core Values

Mission Statement


Founded by the Servants of Mary, the mission of Marian High School is to provide a Catholic college preparatory education for young women, to empower students to discover and develop their talents, and to inspire them to lead and serve as women of faith and compassion.

Marian High School is committed to teaching our six Core Values inspired by the Servants of Mary, our sponsoring order. These Core Values are reflected in the halls, the classroom, during competition—athletic, artistic, and academic—and at home.

Marian Identity


Our namesake “Marian” means to be like Mary, the mother of God. By saying “yes” to God’s plan for her, Mary brought Jesus to the world. As modern Christians, we too are called to bring Jesus to the world. This is achieved through a deliberate process of formation in which a Marian graduate will:
            •   Demonstrate compassion and concern for others
            •   Continue to grow in spirituality
            •   Develop a sense of empowerment that allows her to advocate for self and others
            •   Utilize her talents in service to others
            •   Foster a welcoming spirit and engage in community



Inspired by the mission of the Servants of Mary, Marian students are encouraged to bring God’s compassionate presence to their communities. A Marian graduate will:
            •   Develop an awareness and respect for differences
            •   Demonstrate empathy, concern and support in relationship to others
            •   Learn to identify and act on injustice



Spirituality is a way of living which reflects awareness of God’s presence and plan for us. Young women are invited to participate in God’s plan for them by: studying their faith in theology following the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Omaha, celebrating their faith in liturgy and daily prayer, strengthening their faith through retreats, and witnessing their faith through service. With a strong faith formation, a Marian graduate will:
            •   Understand her dignity as a child of God
            •   Learn to see God in all things
            •   Develop a personal prayer life and an awareness of grace
            •   Actively seek opportunities to nurture her faith and beliefs
            •   Understand the history, culture and charism of the Servants of Mary



Marian students are put at the center of all learning, leadership and growth opportunities. In an all-girl environment, Marian students develop the confidence to be who they are without the pressures of appearance or social status. Guided by intellectual curiosity and a sense of justice, a Marian graduate will:
            •   Demonstrate the ability to problem-solve on her own
            •   Develop her voice and advocate for herself and others
            •   Recognize her strengths and abilities and use them for a positive impact
            •   Reflect resiliency in the face of adversity and accept responsibility for her actions



Service puts faith and spirituality in action. At Marian, students identify, reflect and act upon the injustices in our world. Through their service work, students enhance their leadership skills and discover the impact they have on their community. A Marian graduate will:
            •   Develop an understanding that faith is linked to service and justice, in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching
            •   Utilize her gifts and talents for the betterment of others
            •   Demonstrate a commitment to service that is rooted in gratitude



Throughout their four years at Marian, students build community as they learn together, pray together, stand together, and support each other in and out of the classroom. This shared experience builds a camaraderie that produces school spirit, mutual respect and lifelong friendships. A Marian graduate will:
            •   Understand and value her role in community and work collaboratively with others
            •   Welcome and include all
            •   Foster a welcoming and positive spirit
            •   Recognize her lifelong connection to the Marian community