Campus Ministry

GenericIt is Marian’s belief that human skills and knowledge should be integrated with religious truth, values of teachers, administrators and students in a Catholic school. The Campus Ministry program seeks to provide and coordinate religious activities that will enable the Marian community to grow as a faith community in a spirit of prayer and in an atmosphere of warmth, dialogue and trust.

The Campus Ministry program consists of student leaders involved in planning retreats, prayer experiences, liturgies and opportunities for sacraments and service projects. The students and moderators who make up Marian’s Campus Ministry program are dedicated to enriching the spiritual lives and social awareness of the entire Marian community.




Retreats are also central to spiritual reflection and growth. In this spirit, Marian students are required to attend a retreat each year. Marian retreats create an environment where students have an opportunity to reflect, both personally and communally, on their relationship with God and with others, to witness and share faith, and to learn about and experience prayer. Retreats are a growing opportunity for students, where they can learn more about themselves and their classmates. Marian retreats challenge students to integrate and affirm a spirituality of compassionate leadership, a central principle of Marian High School and the Servants of Mary. Freshmen and seniors have overnight retreats, and sophomores and juniors have a variety of day retreats from which to choose.

Retreat Policy: Retreats are central to spiritual reflection and growth. In this spirit, Marian students are required to attend a retreat each year.

“Our hope is that all students use this opportunity to explore their relationship with God and determine how this relationship applies to daily life.”



Service to others is a natural extension of being a Marian student. Though Marian does not require a specific number of service hours, all students are involved in service in some way, either through the sites and opportunities that Marian facilitates or with the opportunities that they pursue on their own. A service reflection paper, however, is required of all students each year on the variety of service completed during the previous 12 months.

Service Sites: Below is a list of the 2017-2018 service sites for Marian students. Marian encourages its students to take advantage of these opportunities to serve the Omaha community. If you have any questions please contact Sr. Jackie Thorn at 402.571.2618, ext. 1166.



Once a month, Marian holds a day of Eucharistic Adoration in the Marian chapel. Spending time in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament allows each student the opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus that is real and personal. This deeper connection not only fosters a greater union with God and others but also helps our students to approach prayer and the Sacraments with passion.

2018-2019 Dates (Eucharistic Adoration takes place in the Motherhouse Chapel from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.):

  • Oct. 5
  • Dec. 7
  • Jan. 4
  • Feb. 1
  • March 1
  • April 5
  • May 3

Adoration will not take place in November due to Freshman Retreat.

To take an hour of adoration, please sign up here.