Marian’s Math Department is devoted to the development of critically-minded students who will be prepared to use fundamental math concepts. Our broad curriculum is critical in the process of making sure young women are prepared for and successful in their future education and employment. Each student is encouraged to discover her potential, develop her talents, increase confidence in her abilities and function in problem-solving situations. Our curriculum specifically stresses conceptual understanding and problem-solving so as to equip our young women to reason and communicate effectively in our society.

In working to reach each student’s maximum potential, our department offers numerous ways in which students can obtain additional help if needed. Various options include the following: tutoring sessions, review disks, websites, and teacher assistance before or after school.

The success we have had in developing math abilities and promoting advanced math education was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as one of the top three Blue Ribbon Programs. Marian students are continually recognized for outstanding proficiency on the American High School Mathematics Examination. Our teachers, with over 150 years of experience, are committed to meeting the needs and interests of our students and providing the tools necessary for each student to reach her optimal potential.

Course Offerings

– Honors Algebra/Advanced Algebra
– Algebra
– Honors Geometry/Advanced Algebra
– Geometry
– Honors Pre-Calculus
– Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry
– Honors/AP Statistics
– Advanced Algebra
– Honors/AP Calculus AB
– Pre-Calculus
– Honors/AP Calculus BC
– Statistics
– Advanced Algebra (summer school only)
– College Math/Discrete Math