Marian’s Science Department strongly believes that students learn best when they take an active part in their learning. This philosophy lays the groundwork for the development of our curriculum. All students at Marian follow a biology, chemistry, physics progression of coursework. Each of our courses is laboratory-based, allowing the students to have a hands-on, minds-on experience.

Our science teachers love what they do, and it shows in their teaching! Each teacher holds an advanced degree and works hard to stay current with the ever-changing scientific discoveries by participating in and leading workshops all over the United States.

Each classroom is equipped with a multimedia setup to allow the students to experience a wide array of educational learning experiences (lecture, PowerPoint, video, simulations, web casts, etc.). In addition, both of the physics labs are equipped with computers, data collection interfaces and various data collection probes that allow students to capture lab experiences in real time and perform complex analysis.

The science curriculum is strongly aligned with college requirements, which allows our students to make an easy transition from the Marian environment to the college environment. Marian’s science curriculum and students have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Advanced courses in biology, chemistry and physics are offered each year, and although we only require three years of science, the vast majority of our graduates leave Marian with four, five or even six years of science education. In addition, all students are now required to take physics classes. Through the rigors of science education, Marian girls are prepared to continue this field of study beyond our walls.

Course Offerings

– Honors Biology
– Biology
– Honors Chemistry
– Chemistry
– Chemistry (fundamental)
– Honors/AP Biology II
– Honors Physics
– Physics
– Physics (Conceptual)
– Honors/AP Chemistry II
– Honors Physics II
– Anatomy and Physiology
– Zoology (Summer only)