Social Studies

About the Department

The Marian High School Social Studies Department is an award-winning, dedicated and professional group of educators who actively engage its students in the discovery of the human condition and help each and every student to achieve her maximum potential. Each educator within the Social Studies Department recognizes the importance of developing skills that lead to a greater understanding and interpretation of the world around them, both past and present, so that they can become life-long learners with the ability to synthesize and analyze information and form educated opinions. The department continues to introduce new courses, including AP courses and new electives, in order to offer a rich, dynamic and challenging curriculum for all Marian students. Our AP and dual enrollment offerings make it possible for many students to earn college credits during their high school career. We are also excited to announce the introduction of a new Humanities Scholar Program, an intellectually rigorous and culturally rich course of study that will foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the world.

Course Offerings

– Pre-AP World History and Geography
– United States History
– Honors/AP United States History
– United States Government and Politics
– Honors/AP United States Government and Politics
– African-American History
– Honors/AP European History
– Honors/AP Human Geography
– International Issues
– Introduction to Humanities
– Psychology
– Honors/AP Psychology
– Women’s Studies
– Social Problems
– Sociology
– Honors Sociology

Economics and Business Elective Courses

– Accounting I
– Accounting II
– Business and Personal Law
– Economics
– Introduction to Business
– Marketing
– Technology Applications