Student Services

Marian’s Student Services Department assists each student in her academic, personal/social development and college planning. The Department cooperates with teachers, administrators, parents and specialists to help each student define and achieve appropriate educational and personal goals.

Educational/Academic Preparation

Marian offers all students a highly academic, college-preparatory course of studies. The Student Services Department facilitates course selection consistent with ability and interest, preparing young women for future opportunities beyond the walls of Marian.

Marian’s Educational/Academic Preparation Program:

  • Provides individual and small group educational planning
  • Organizes freshman study skills sessions
  • Develops a four-year plan of study
  • Monitors academic progress
  • Coordinates registration process
  • Facilitates peer-tutoring program
  • Facilitates testing program
  • 6th & 7th grade test
  • 8th grade placement exam
  • PSAT
  • ACT and SAT
  • Advanced Placement tests
  • Reports and interprets test results
  • Conducts ACT preparation classes
  • Assesses alumnae information
  • Facilitates Marian’s dual enrollment program
Learning Services Information

In order for freshmen to have a smooth transition into high school, the Learning Services Coordinator provides all freshmen students with a Freshman Seminar Program. All freshmen will complete a non-credit seminar that teaches three components which are study skills (meets four times in the fall), library research skills (fall and spring session) and finals workshop (fall session).

The Learning Services Coordinator also works with students who have both diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences. There are several strategies that the Learning Services Coordinator uses in order to improve academic success at Marian. From organizational tips, providing visual and auditory directions, exams offered orally and overall study skill techniques, Marian will work individually with each student to ensure their continued growth and success at the college preparatory level.

Please contact our Learning Services Coordinator, Priscilla Trecek, for more information at or 402.571.2618 ext. 1130

Freshmen Parent Seminar

Learning Services Accommodations Information: 

Study Skills


Personal/Social Development
Marian’s Student Services Department strives to enhance personal and social maturation. High school is a new, exciting, and sometimes intimidating experience. The Department sponsors several different groups and programs to ensure your daughter finds her place and continues to grow personally. Marian’s Personal/Social Development Program:

  • Organizes support groups
  • Assists with adjusting to high school
  • Provides individual and group counseling
  • Sponsors IDEAS – Increasing Diversity and Equality Among Students – a multi-cultural student group
  • Coordinates life skills education through seminars
  • Coordinates life skills across the curriculum
  • Facilitates crisis and emergency intervention
  • Provides response counseling for everyday needs
College/Career Exploration
Marian views college preparation as a four-year journey, beginning with career exploration and culminating in the college search process. The Student Services Department works closely with students, parents and faculty in preparing young women for college and beyond. Marian’s College/Career Exploration Program:

  • Assists with searching for and applying to colleges
  • Administers and interprets interest inventories and career search programs
  • Organizes career information
  • Coordinates Senior Job Shadowing Program
  • Facilitates parent meetings
  • Informational Parent Evenings
  • Junior Parent College Night
  • Senior Parent College Night
  • Guest speaker programs for the community
  • Coordinates college fairs and admission counselor visits
  • Operates a student-focused College Center
  • Posts scholarship and open house opportunities
  • Offers a variety of resources for college planning on Marian’s website
  • Posts information on educational forums, travel abroad programs and other leadership events

Naviance Student is a tool that offers career exploration, college research and helpful ways to manage college applications. Students can use the link to access their personal folders under “Family Connection.”

College 101

College 102

Student Services Department


*All services are provided in confidence, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, consistent with ethical and professional guidelines.