Career Planning

Shadow Program

Marian’s four-year college planning process includes a program tailored for students to look into some potential career choices. Marian’s Job Shadow Program requires seniors to shadow a professional in a field that is of interest to them for a day. The Student Services Department assists each senior in finding a person who they can shadow.

For the Job Shadowing Program, each senior is required to participate in a four-hour job shadowing experience. Accompanying someone in their chosen field will allow the student to interact and network with a professional while gathering important insight into that particular career interest. This will be a valuable conclusion to four years of career discernment. Working in conjunction with the theology teachers, the student services department will facilitate and assist the seniors offering professional contacts and coordinating necessary forms. If you are interested in mentoring a senior, please contact Jen Christen at 402.571.2618 ext. 1108.