College Tips from the Class of 2020

Every year, Marian’s most recent graduating class returns to share their wit and wisdom with the current juniors and seniors. The purpose of this event is to provide current students with concrete tips on the college transition process. This year’s event was converted to a virtual format. Topics covered this year include:

  • Choosing a school
  • Sorority life
  • Attending school out of state
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Roommate issues
  • Time management and more!

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Claudia Archer | University of Iowa

Go into college with an open mind and just know that things are going to change and you’re going to have to be ready to handle those changes. Also, take advantage of time between classes. You can get a lot of work done, surprisingly between classes, and even if it’s 10 minutes, you can just get a couple problems done.

Emma Johnson | Dartmouth College

One of the things that I really think is important in college is being able to not only explore your environment, to explore yourself as a person. You’re in a new environment, you have new friends, you are stepping out of the person you once were in high school and stepping into the person you are in college.

Maggie Peklo | University of Nebraska

My course load is definitely harder than it was at Marian. It’s not so much the content that’s difficult to understand, Marian definitely prepared me for that. It’s the amount of time that I have to put into my studies. Again, I was really prepared for that. I saw it coming, I knew that I was going to have to treat it like a full-time job.

Addison Dunbar | Louisiana State University

I found a program that fits me perfectly and a school that is very good at what it does, and I love everything about it. So my top advice for you would be, find something that you’re super passionate about. And literally go on Google, look up top 10 schools for whatever major and apply to those top 10. That’s exactly what I did and I had wonderful outcomes. 

Scarlett Wedergren | American University

I realized that it was really important to have passions outside of academics, because they provided a much needed break. For me, clubs were more social organizations than I had originally expected, and they became places for valuable friend groups. Much of the foundation for future leadership positions in these clubs begin during the first year, so it’s valuable to get in on the ground floor.

Lauren Zadalis | University of Dayton

Marian prepared me so well. I knew how to study. I knew how to take notes. I knew what worked well for me versus some of the other kids that had never taken notes and never studied at all. A main difference in college is that it focuses way more on tests and quizzes than assignments, so that shift was different, but not necessarily difficult.

Grace Bentley | Wheaton College & Zoey Armstead | UNL

Prioritize meeting people and surrounding yourself with good people, because ultimately you want to have a good experience and that stems from being around good people. Just put yourself out there and it’s okay to feel like you don’t have it figured out or know what you’re doing.