Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Marian East Gym

6 p.m. Cocktail Hour
7 p.m. Dinner & Program

Marian East Gym
$50 per person, $25 for those 18 and under. Please RSVP by May 19.

Contact Rochelle Rohlfs at if you have any questions.

This event has ended. Thank you to all who participated! 

2023 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


Patrons | 

  • Don and Joan Cimpl

Athletes |

  • Chelsea Kropp Wachter ’05 | Volleyball, Basketball & Track
  • Annie Wolfe Dineen ’13 | Volleyball & Basketball
  • Jeannine Kardell Mulligan ’85 | Basketball
  • Connie Wever † ’76 | Volleyball, Basketbal & Tennis

Coach | 

  • Max Leeson | Soccer

Teams | 

  • 1989 Soccer
    • Johnna Johns Allen ’91
    • Jennifer Harrell Buckholz ’91
    • Jenny Trumbauer Callahan ’91
    • Andrea Coleman ’89
    • Carol Collins ’89
    • Teresa Virgillito DeGeorge ’92
    • Shannon Maher Denney ’89
    • Kimberly Greer ’90
    • Lori Wirges Hamilton ’90
    • Teri Sporcic Kennedy ’92
    • Chanda Morrow Koechner ’91
    • Lyn Findley Kummer ’90
    • Kathleen Sonderman McKay ’89
    • Meghan Dvorak Parent ’89
    • Heather Hahn Ruff ’90
    • Anne HobdayTalbaith ’89
    • Maureen Keller Vischer ’89
    • Ann Findley Welsh ’89
    • Mikki Denney Wright ’92
    • Coaches | Faye Ford & Mark Laughlin


Also being honored at the banquet are:
Three-Sport Athletes
Scholar Athlete
2022-23 Championship Teams

  • 2015 Softball
    • Taylor Asche ’16
    • Emily Cheloha ’16
    • Kellyn Daly ’16
    • Claire Devereaux ’17
    • Sam Fabian ’18
    • Aly Freeman ’16
    • Kelly Gehring ’17
    • Melissa Geis ’17
    • Cammy Gregor ’18
    • Morgan Hobbs ’17
    • Brook Linderman ’17
    • Lexie Linderman ’16
    • Emma Morford ’17
    • Tara O’Brien ’18
    • Avery Ost ’18
    • Emma Raabe ’18
    • Rachel Walet ’17
    • Tara Wanser ’17
    • Head Coach | Mike Heard
    • Assistant Coaches | Chad Perkins, Aaron Groff, Melissa Groff

Guidelines for Nomination and Election

The purpose of the Marian Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those Marian athletes, coaches and supporters who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction and excellence to Marian by their conduct both on and off the field or court of competition.  This recognition not only instills a sense of spirit, pride and community, it also serves as a historical account of the great athletic traditions of Marian High School.

Eligibility for Nomination
Athletes are eligible for nomination five years after their class’s graduation. Such athletes must have competed in a NSAA-sanctioned varsity sport and must have excelled in such sport. Among the accomplishments taken into account will be individual (All-Conference, All-State) and team accomplishments, individual school or team records held, and impact on teams and the overall athletic program at Marian during their era, and accomplishments thereafter. Nominations are also open to coaches, who must have participated with distinction and/or made significant contributions to athletics at Marian, as evidenced, for example, by the success of their teams and the acknowledgment of their former student-athletes. Patrons may also be considered for nomination based upon their service and dedication to the athletic programs at Marian.

Nomination Process
A candidate may be nominated for Athletic Hall of Fame membership by any member of the community.  Formal nomination shall be made by sending the nominee’s name and accomplishments to Athletic Director Rochelle Rohlfs at  The nomination form must be received by Jan. 1 of each year. Information relating to a nominee’s career statistics, records, achievements, etc. must be supported by accompanying documentation or sources cited so that the information may be verified. Once presented as an eligible nominee, a candidate who is not elected shall automatically be reconsidered annually until he/she has been considered for five years. Thereafter, re-nomination may occur at any time.

Selection Committee
Athletic Director Rochelle Rohlfs | Connie Cavel | Tom Baker | Scott Sibbernsen | Jim Miller

Past Award Recipients


Karen Criss Brown ‘06
Ashley Carter ‘03†
Becki Clark Carter ‘86
Cristen Wuebben Claussen ‘92
Laura Spanheimer Dechant ‘01
Teresa Virgillito DeGeorge ‘92
Denise Feldhaus ‘80
Jenn Kocsis Frees ‘06
Anna Jones Goeschel ‘00
Kristin Emery Hook ‘85
Jean Goltl Hern ‘90
Dr. Roberta Kraus ‘71
Kelly Kunkel ’08
Korie Lebeda ‘05
Sara Loeffelholz ‘06
Maureen Regan Lohmeier ’93
Patsy Lukas ’79
Kari Mangan ‘82
Maureen Frenking Martin ‘78
Jennie Matt ‘86
Amy Sibbernsen McLeay ‘00
Ann Cimpl Merfeld ‘77
Candice Mills ‘03
Ronda Motykowski ‘80
Katie Eckholt Nolan ‘01
Colette Shelton Pawol ‘77
Darcy Riha ‘01
Lindsey Slocum Robertson ‘06
Amy Price Robinson ‘02
Renee Saunders ‘95
Kim Rudloff Shillito ‘75
Pam Gradoville Simon ‘84
Julie Uryasz ‘76
Brooke Urzendowski ‘11
Ann Wilcox ‘81
Kirsten Sullivan Wooten ‘78
Mikki Denney Wright ‘92
Katie Stanzel Wright ‘01


Bobbie Bartholet
Connie Cavel ‘68
Pat DiBiase
Ed Dudley
Susie Dugan
Faye Ford
Lynn Groff
Mark Laughlin
Max Leeson
Jim Miller
Stephanie Pantano
Rochelle Rohlfs
Roger Wright


Tom Baker
Don and Joan Cimpl
Mark Elman
Elizabeth Kish
Cindy and Jim Lebeda
Tom Lynch “Tiger Tom”
Phil and Jeanine McKeone
Dave and Diane Millea
Maureen Neary Miller ‘70
Howard and Bette Rudloff†
Paul Simon
Dick and Mary Spanheimer
Denis and Joan Sullivan†


1972 State Swim Team
1972 State Volleyball Team
1974 State Golf Team
1976 State Tennis Team
1983 Volleyball Team
1985 State Basketball Team
1985 State Golf Team
1989 State Soccer Team
1996 State Soccer Team
1998 State Cross Country Team
1999 State Volleyball Team
2000 2-mile Relay Team
2000 State Basketball Team
2000 State Swim and Dive Team
2001 State Soccer Team
2004 Cross Country Team
2004 State Swim Team
2009 State Tennis Team
2012 State Soccer Team
2015 State Softball Team