Booster Club

Mission Statement

To build school and community involvement for all Nebraska Schools Activities Association (NSAA) sanctioned athletic activities at Marian High School. All Booster Club activities shall be consistent with the mission and purpose of Marian High School.

To provide financial support toward the purchase of supplies and equipment not available through the athletic budget.

To recognize and encourage academic and athletic achievement.


The membership shall consist of any individuals who are interested in the athletic programs of Marian High School. The fiscal year of the Booster Club shall be from July 1-June 30 of the following year.

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Trivia Night

This is a fundraising event for ALL Marian sports and teams. All Crusader families and alumnae are invited to participate and purchase a table. It is sure to be a fun-filled evening and a great way for Crusader fans to get to know each other!

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Booster Club Car Decals & Yard Signs



The Marian Booster Club is selling car decals for Marian athletics, clubs and activities, and yard signs for Marian athletics. Car decals are $15 each and yard signs are $25 each. Please support your daughter and Marian by purchasing these items.

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Booster Club Representatives

  • Basketball: Chris & Cathi Shaffer
  • Bowling: Mark & Kathleen Hiatt
  • Cross Country: Jean & Jim Ambrose, Alice & Sam Gerraughty
  • Golf: Jerry & JJ Schenkelberg, Erin & Michael Murnan
  • Soccer: Nikki Washington
  • Softball: Dave Humpal, John Hansen
  • Swimming and Diving: Katie Mendlick
  • Tennis: Traci Jurrens
  • Track: Kris McKee, Keith & Michaela Lampert
  • Volleyball: Dave & Lori Loschen, Don & Angie Wilwerding
  • Wrestling: John & Sarah Johnston

Past Athletic Hall of Fame Award Recipients:

Lindsay Slocum ’06
Karen Criss ’06
Ashley Carter ’06
Candice Mills ’03
Korie Lebeda ’05
Brooke Urzendowski
Kari Mangan ’82
Katie Stanzel Wright ’01
Jean Goltl Hern ’90
Darcey Riha ’01
Cristen Wuebben Claussen ’92
Anne Wilcox ’81
Maureen Frenking Martin ’78
Michaela Lenihan ’00
Anna Jones’00
Amy Sibbernsen ’00
Katie Eckholt Nolan ’01
Sara Loeffelholz ’06
Colette Shelton Pawol ’77
Laura Spanheimer Dechant ’01
Ronda Motykowski ’80
Jenni Matt ’86
Amy Price ’02
Ann Cimpl Merfeld ’77
Denise Feldhaus ’80
Mikki Denney Wright ’92
Renee Saunders ’95
Dr. Roberta Kraus ’71
Becki Clark Carter ’86
Pam Gradoville Simon ’84
Julie Uryasz ’76
Kim Rudloff Shillito ’75
Teresa Virgillito DeGeorge ’92
Anna Jones Goeschel ’00
Kirsten Sullivan Wooten ’78
Maureen Miller
Mark Elman
Dave & Diane Millea
Tom Lynch “Tiger Tom”
Jim & Cindy Lebeda
Dick & Mary Spanheimer
Phil & Jeanine McKeone
Elizabeth Kish
Paul Simon
Howard & Bette Rudloff
Denis and Joan† Sullivan
2012 Soccer Team
2009 State Tennis Team
2004-05 Swimming & Diving Team
2003-2004 Swim Team
2001 State Soccer Team
2000 2-mile Relay Team
2000 State Basketball Team
1999-2000 Swimming & Diving Team
1999 State Volleyball Team
1998 State Cross Country Team
1996 State Soccer Team
1985 State Basketball Team
1985 State Golf Team
1976 State Tennis Championship Team
1974 State Golf Team
1972 State Swimming & Diving Team
1972 State Volleyball Team
Ed Dudley
Stephanie Pantano
Susie Dugan
Jim Miller
Connie Cavel ’68
Faye Ford
Pat DiBiase
Mark Laughlin
Lynn Groff
Bobbie Bartholet