Cross Country - Marian High School

Cross Country

Cross Country is a fall sport at Marian. Our team has earned seven State Championships and 10 Metro Conference Championships since 1998. Any student wishing to run on the team is welcome to try out. To become a member of the Marian Cross Country team, a runner must be able to run a 5K (3.1 miles) in 34:06 or less. This is an average of 11 minutes per mile. Runners must be able to achieve this by Wednesday of the third week of the season. Reporting for the season in good shape will make this mark very achievable. All that we ask after meeting this mark is that you come to practices and meets and give 100%. There have been as many as 97 runners on the team. Roger Wright serves as Cross Country Head Coach and can be reached at

Fall 2019 Team

Anna Ambrose
Mary Ambrose
Carmie Bazis
Lily Bazis
Carli Beal
Mariesa Beal
Kennedy Beecham
Mckenna Blaine
Isabelle Borer
Bella Bortolotti
Lauren Cannella
Erin Connelly
Katie Corpuz
Naomi Delkamiller
Ashley Doehner
Addison Dunbar
Abby Elkins
Phoenix Farrens
Meredith Forster
Fiona Gautschi
Clara Glock
Ellie Green
Rylee Gregg
Molly Griffin
Emma Gunn
Bria Hamilton
Keara Hiatt
Amanda Hingorani
Megan Hoppe
Kate Jensen
Christina Kleinsmith
Kelly Kozol
Emily Kriener
Lizzy Lampert
Matilda Lang
Erin Line
Katie Liske
Kate McGill
Marin Miller
Morgan Miller
Maddie Mitchell
Lauren Montague
Elizabeth Monzu
Emly Monzu
Caroline Moore
Marin Mowat
Liliana Navarrette
Grace Olsen
Lexxi Olsen
Libby Pallesen
Abby Pelan
Meredith Pelton
Alexa Pulliam
Maddie Randby
Sarah Ritterling
Lydia Rose
Emily Saalfeld
Gigi Salerno
Emily Salzman
Sarah Schmit
Sydney Schroeder
Kathryn Stec
Colleen Sully
Ryan Sully
Isabella Summers
Claire Thiele
Kate Timmerman
Maggie Timmerman
Molly von Seggern
Maddie Warrick
Megan Warrick
Marin Waters
Eva Watson
Cleo Wear
Madison Werth
Cece West
Brooke Wigdahl
Jada Williams
Kelly Williams
Grace Woodard
India Zier


Head Coach: Roger Wright
Assistant Coaches: Greg Golka, Alee Cotton and Megan Han