FAQs From Future Students Answered by Current Students:

Was choosing to attend an all-girls school the right choice for you?

I have no regret, what-so-ever. The atmosphere is more relaxed and less catty without boys, leaving more room for work and friends. I can be myself and not take the time every morning to fuss over how I look, like I did in grade school. Believe me, you see enough of the boys on the weekend!

What are the benefits of attending a school Marian’s size?
In a school Marian’s size, you’d be surprised by how quickly you can make GREAT new friends. Another benefit is how many fun and interesting clubs there are. Also, there are a lot of classes to choose from and you’ll have many opportunities for one-on-one time with your teachers.
How do you meet boys?
I meet boys through my friends, football games, sports and dances. Knowing guys through grade school helps because they go off and make other guy friends that you can meet and become friends with. You have to allow yourself not to be shy, and just be yourself as you would around your friends.
Marian is not very close to your home. Is that a problem?

Not at all.

As a freshman, I cannot drive, but I know of some upperclassmen who live in my neighborhood. I called one to ask if she could take me to school. It was very easy to coordinate. I pay a small fee to help with gas, and I have a great time getting to know my driver on the way to school. We chat about Marian clubs, activities and sports as well as our weekend and families.

What are my chances of making a sports team at Marian?

Although there are no guarantees, as a freshman, you have good odds of making a sports team at Marian. Several sports offer both freshman and reserve teams that you have a great chance of making. The remaining teams determine their cuts based on what they can carry on their roster. 

How many clubs and organizations are there, and how did you go about getting involved?

There are over 50 clubs and organizations all together and it is so easy to get involved. To a become member of any club, I just needed to sign up! I Clubs are a great way to make new friends, be part of a team and grow as a leader.

I’m concerned about how much high school costs. What can I do to help my parents?

I, along with more than 150 other girls, participate in Marian’s work study program, which helps to reduce tuition costs. You can do work study before, during or after school. Getting a job outside of school, like babysitting, helps as well.

I hear Marian is an academically challenging school. How will I be able to keep up?

Being motivated and staying organized is essential for academic success. At Marian there are multiple resources available to support your academic  success including freshman seminar, peer tutoring, counseling services and a full-time math tutor. Also, the teachers at Marian really inspire you to stay motivated and excel in your classes OR anything you pursue!

Is it easy to make friends at Marian?


There are so many nice girls who are very welcoming. You would be surprised by how much you’ll have in common with so many of them and how many opportunities there are to meet new friends.

FAQs About Tuition Information

Is Marian’s tuition negotiable?


Marian will work personally with each family to meet all demonstrated financial need. We welcome the opportunity to talk about how to make Marian affordable for you.

Does tuition need to be paid all at once?

Marian has many payment plan options including annually, quarterly, semi-annually and monthly. In addition, many families prorate their payments to include anticipated tax refunds.

What is taken into consideration when determining the tuition assistance award?
Family income is the base factor for the aid awarded. In addition, the number of children in the family, number in Catholic schools, number in college and special circumstances such as health issues and debt are also considered.
Do many students participate in the Marian Work Study Program?
Over 150 students work before, after and during school to provide secretarial and light cleaning duties. Only students who receive tuition assistance may work for tuition credit with the Work Program.
I have heard that other Catholic schools provide better financial aid packages than Marian. Is that true?

Although not completely knowledgeable of other schools’ tuition assistance programs, we have compared our aid amounts with other Catholic schools and found most to be similar.

If our family situation changes in the middle of the year can our tuition assistance change?


Communication is key. Contact the Director of Tuition Assistance, Shari Reynolds, to discuss any change in your circumstance.

Do any students come to Marian for free?

Catholic education is a choice and a sacrifice. As such, each family is expected to commit to a Marian education through some amount of monetary investment.

How is tuition assistance funded?

Marian is much more than a school; it is a community. This community believes strongly in the value of a Marian education and the mission to empower young women  to discover and develop their talents, and to inspire them to lead and serve as women of faith and compassion. The members of the Marian community support Marian through substantial gifts of time and treasure, which ultimately support the tuition assistance program. The Marian Fund, as well as additional fundraising events, contribute a significant amount to our budgeted tuition assistance.