Online Learning

General Announcements:

  • Your individual teachers may be sending you an email with specific reminders. Please be sure to follow their instructions.
  • Check your homeroom CANVAS folder. Student expectations, along with the schedule will be located there as well as below.

Learning Schedule:

  • To reduce capacity in the building and maintain social distance, Marian is following a Hybrid Learning Model. Students will attend school at a reduced schedule in two groups: last names A-L and M-Z.
  • To see the monthly schedule for groups A-L and M-Z click here.
  • We follow a block schedule. To see the order of classes, click here.

Agenda for Online Learning

It can be difficult to keep track of all your classes, assignments, conferences, etc. online. Here is a word document online agenda for your use. You can see an example agenda filled out here.

Student Expectations:

  • All work needs to be completed by the posted due dates. If you are ill or cannot participate in your classes for any reason, your parents will need to contact the school.
  • When attending a course conference online please be aware of how you are dressed and your surroundings. No pajamas and working from your bed. Be respectful of your classmates and teachers by being ready to learn.
  • If you are having difficulty with math, please send Ms. Abel an email at and she will schedule a time to work with you. Please realize she is only one person, but will set up official meetings, so you can get math help.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is an app that allows you to upload documents in your online learning as a PDF file rather than a photo. Click here to view download and usage instructions for Genius Scan.


Zoom App Instructions

Click here to view how to download the Zoom app. It is important you click “sign in” instead of “sign up” – use your Marian Google account to log in.

Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Jarecki – Mother of Ava ’21

Mrs. Jones – Mother of Sian ’23

Mrs. Wedergren – Mother of Scarlett ’20