COVID-19 Student Resources - Marian High School

Student Resources

General Announcements:

  • Online learning will begin on March 19, 2020.
  • Your individual teachers may be sending you an email with specific reminders. Please be sure to follow their instructions.
  • March 20 and 24 will be virtual school days. (We were supposed to do testing on those days and some classes had a day off. Now we will learn!)
  • Be patient with your teachers. Some of them may have kids at home while they are trying to teach, just as many of you may be watching younger siblings during this time as well.
  • There will be a counselor at Marian each day, if you need to talk to someone about a specific issue. Please do not show up, please call first and we can line up something for you.
  • The library is open for assistance. Mrs. Raabe will be putting an announcement in the library CANVAS folder with more information.
  • Check for regular emails from Mrs. Sullivan. She will contact you each Friday with an update.
  • Check your homeroom CANVAS folder. Student expectations, along with the Virtual Learning Schedule will be located there.


Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to view a list of volunteer and service opportunities during quarantine.