The Marian Fund

When Marian was founded in 1955, the Servants of Mary wanted a Marian education to be available to any girl who desired it. Keeping tuition affordable has been central to the school’s mission for more than 60 years. When you give to the Marian Fund, you help fund scholarships and financial aid, and enhance student life.


Meet a Marian Student

Read stories from students who have benefitted from your gift to tuition assistance. Read more here.

Your Gift Makes All the Difference!

Gifts to the Marian Fund ensure the continued growth of exceptional academic, spiritual and leadership programs. Tuition, the biggest source of revenue, does not fully cover the cost of educating a student. The gap between tuition and the cost to educate a student is $2,192. The difference is funded through multiple Advancement programs totaling $1.6 million.


Tuition Costs

Tuition at Marian High School only covers about 84% of the true cost of a Marian education. The remainder is provided by financial aid and scholarships, allowing bright young women to enroll at Marian, who otherwise might not have been able to attend. Your gift to the Marian Fund helps to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the cost of a Marian education. With your gift you help keep Marian affordable and accessible to students from all paths of life.

Tuition Assistance

Nearly 50% of Marian students receive some form of financial aid or scholarships above their tuition discount totaling $1.9 million annually. Maintaining this level of support depends heavily on annual gifts to the Marian Fund. Affordable tuition attracts a more diverse student body and allows Marian to remain competitive with other schools.

Every Dollar Counts

Most gifts to the Marian Fund are less than $250, and together they add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to sustain Marian. Gifts to the Marian Fund provide unrestricted support for the tuition discount, financial assistance, teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, and program and classroom materials to keep pace with educational advances. A strong Marian Fund builds a strong Marian. Through a robust annual fund, we preserve the Servite legacy, strengthen it and pass it on to future students.

Questions & Answers About The Marian Fund

What is The Marian Fund and why do we need it?

The Marian Fund is Marian’s annual giving program. As with all independent schools, we rely on a combination of tuition and annual giving to support our operating budget. We count on gifts from our board of directors, parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents, friends and faculty/staff to help make up the difference between tuition revenues and the full cost of providing a superior program.

How are The Marian Fund dollars spent?
The Marian Fund guarantees tuition assistance, teacher salaries and benefits, professional development and program and classroom materials that keep pace with the ever-changing field of education.
Why not increase tuition and eliminate The Marian Fund?

We strive to keep tuition competitive as well as serve a diverse demographic. Marian is the best value for the cost because it provides the highest caliber program for ALL our girls. We recognize the sacrifices families make to give their daughters a high-quality education. We try to keep tuition costs as affordable as possible with predictable cost of living increases. Your support provides financial consistency.

I would like to make a gift but can’t pay all at once. Can I pay in installments?

Yes, indicate on your pledge information your gift and a payment schedule that meets your specific needs. We will send you reminder notices. Many donors also use a bankcard for convenience and reward and benefits.

How can my gift make a significant difference?

There is a meaningful and appropriate gift range for every family. Your participation makes an important difference. Marian is fortunate to receive support from several foundations, but these foundations expect to see strong parent participation when they make grants. Your gift to The Marian Fund guarantees student tuition assistance, teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, and program and classroom materials that keep pace with the ever-changing field of education.