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2020 Tuition Assistance Recap:

  • 60% of our freshman families qualified for tuition assistance
  • Marian awarded $1.8M of tuition assistance
  • We established a COVID-19 fund to support our families who have been directly impacted by the pandemic

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Grace Bentley ’20

Grace Bentley, Class of 2020, will be taking many things with her from Marian into the next chapter of her life: the people, the memories and the lessons she’s learned throughout her four years here. Read more here.

Aby Acevedo ’21

Aby is an outstanding student at Marian. She shared her personal story and her gratitude when she spoke at MarianFEST 2019 in support of tuition assistance. Click here to read Aby’s story.

Dianna Sledge ’20

Before starting high school, Dianna was confronted with a challenge many Omaha students face: where should she go?“My parents wanted me to go to a private high school, but it was up to me to decide where,”Dianna says. Read more here.