Humanities Scholar Program


Mission and Vision Statement

In an effort to form the mind, body, and spirit of students at Marian High School, the Humanities Scholar Program is an intellectually rigorous and culturally rich program to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the world. Through an introduction to studies in various humanities disciplines, students will grow to become independent and critical thinkers about the world around them.


The Humanities Scholar Program at Marian High School aims to:

  • strengthen knowledge and growth in the humanities
  • promote interdisciplinary collaboration at Marian and with local universities and institutions
  • foster a greater role for the humanities in an increasingly technological and globalized society


Program participants will complete the following course of study:

  1. Introduction to the Humanities (1 semester)
  2. Five elective courses in the Humanities from at least three subject areas (listed below)


Humanities Electives

Creative Writing
Journalism II
Varsity Competitive Speaking & Debate


Fine and Performing Arts
AP Music Theory
Honors Art III-IV
Pottery II
Select Women’s Choir/H. Select

Honors Independent Research
Humanities-related topics

World Languages
French III, IV
Mandarin III, IV
Spanish III, IV, V


Social Studies
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology
International Issues
Social Problems
Sociology/H Sociology
Special Topics
Women’s Studies


Additional Requirements

  • Complete a senior capstone project. This project will produce a significant and original work using both primary and secondary resources that will:
    • Demonstrate high-level critical thinking skills
    • Complete analysis of a topic with appropriate contextualization
    • Demonstrate skilled argumentation
    • Make connections between the humanities disciplines
    • Complete drafting and revision process
    • Perfect ability to source and cite correctly
    • Complete peer reviewing
    • Present research to a faculty committee following the completion of the project
  • Qualify and be initiated into at least one of the following honor societies:
    • National Honor Society
    • National French Honor Society
    • National Spanish Honor Society
    • Rho Kappa (Social Studies)
    • National English Honor Society
    • National Speech and Debate Association Honor Society (Distinction Level)
    • Quill and Scroll International Society for High School Journalists
  • Complete a designated number of hours in service to the humanities (e.g. tutoring in humanities subjects, work in archives, Omaha Public library, work with Omaha Performing Arts)