Marian journalism students competed in the NSAA State Journalism contest on Tuesday, April 27 in Norfolk. Many of the students received individuals awards in a variety of categories, and Marian finished in fifth place in the Class A portion of the competition. Students received their medals on Friday, April 30 at Field Day.

The individual awards are as follows:

Naomi Delkamiller: 1st in Infographic Design, 8th in Editorial Writing

Maddie Genoways: 1st in Photo Illustration and Advertising, 3rd in Infographic design, 7th in Editorial Writing

Jessica Brusnahan: 1st in Headline Writing

Gaea Kaan: 2nd in Editorial Cartooning

Rachel Achola: 3rd place in Advertising

Sophia Simmons: 4th in Yearbook Layout

Olivia Turkel: 6th in Yeabook Layout

Frannie Cihunka: 6th place in Entertainment Writing

In Yearbook Theme Development, 2nd place silver medals to the yearbook leadership team of Maddie Mitchell, Lily Dugan, Sarah Ritterling, Rachel Achola, Grace Ellis, Sophia Simmons and Margaret Kelly