Dealing with paper in high school isn’t easy, but it is important. By fourth quarter, a student’s book bag may not look as organized as it was in the first quarter. Spring break may be a good time to help your daughter organize her papers and create a system that works best for her. It is also a good idea for her to carry only the papers she needs for that unit, so there are fewer papers to manage. This is also a great start to building her “finals binder.”

Portable File: A portable file is used to carry the papers you need for class, which includes notes, handouts, homework and other current unit assignments. Below are some samples of portable files:

  • Large three-ring binder –  all classes organized with dividers or folders.
  • A-file/ accordion folder/ 13-pocket folder – a pocket for each subject and extras for other needs.
  • Mini binders – a small three-ring binder for each class with a folder and paper in each.
  • Spiral notebook and folder combo – a notebook (notes) and folder (handouts) for each class.

Permanent File: A permanent file is kept at home with all past units for every subject.

  • Large three-ring binder for each subject or “Finals Binder” –  holds all past notes, worksheets, etc. that are needed to study for finals in May.
  • Latch-top file box – hanging files with a stick-up tab to label each subject to house each past unit for finals.

If you would like me to meet with your daughter about organizing her papers, don’t hesitate to email Learning Services Coordinator Priscilla Trecek at