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Parking Hang Tag Order Form 2022-2023



Marian High School officials feel that it is important for each student who drives a motor vehicle to school, to read and subscribe to the following terms:

1. I will operate my motor vehicle in a safe and courteous manner on and around the Marian campus.

2. I will park my vehicle properly upon arrival at school and not loiter in or around any parked car on school property and will not allow visitors around any vehicles.

3. I will park my car in a designated parking stall between the white lines and facing forward, no backing in or pulling through to another stall.

4. I will abide by the 10 mph speed limit at all times on campus.

5. I will hang a Marian hang tag from my rearview mirror when parking on campus.

6. I will not lend or sell my hang tag to any other student for any reason.

7. I understand in the event that I lose my hang tag or if it is stolen, that it is my responsibility to sign the “No-Tag Sheet” in the office immediately upon arrival to school and purchase a new hang tag at a cost of $15 within four days. In addition, if I should receive a ticket after I have accepted this responsibility, I must promptly take the ticket to the office in order to have it canceled. If I do not follow the above procedure the ticket will stand.

8. I understand that if a family member removes the vehicle from the parking lot during school hours, parking lot security must be informed.

9. I understand that if my parents purchase a MarianFEST parking space, the purchaser must park in that space. The spaces are non-transferable.

10. I understand that if I park in the convent parking lot at any time for any reason, I will receive a ticket in the amount of $20. No exceptions will be made. If I park anywhere other than a designated area, I will be fined.

11. Any student with a valid State of Nebraska handicapped sticker, in the student’s name, will be allowed to park in the school designated handicapped parking area upon notification of the office. Any student vehicle parked in the handicapped area without a valid sticker will be subject to a fine and/or towing from that area.

12.All parking is first come, first served.

13. I understand that this permit does not guarantee me a specific parking space on campus. This permit merely allows the privilege of parking on campus on a first-come, first-served basis.

14. I understand that in the event I do not comply with these regulations, the following might occur:
Upon failure of the above, I will receive a ticket and/or my driving/parking privileges will be suspended/revoked and my vehicle may be towed at my expense from the campus lot.

15. I further understand that the school is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss to or from my vehicle. In addition, if school officials have reasonable suspicions that there may be illegal items or substances in my vehicle, school personnel have the right to search my vehicle upon request and proper notification for the search.

Parking hang tags cost $50 and should be kept for all the years you attend Marian.

Students: You will need to present a valid driver’s license and a vehicle insurance card before claiming your hang tag.

If you already have a hang tag, you will need to re-register your tag by clicking here. (You will need to provide a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance card and your parking hang tag number.)

Note: Replacement hang tags are treated as new hang tags. They cost $15.