Marian is Nebraska’s only Class A, college preparatory school for young women. Marian offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum that caters to the needs of each individual student.

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Honors-Advanced Placement

Marian offers 44 Honors courses, 15 Advanced Placement Courses and 13 dual enrollment, meaning a student may earn college credit for her coursework at Marian.

GPA Scale


Grade Scale Honors College Prep
A/A- 100-93% 4.5 4.0
B+ 92-90% 4.0 3.5
B/B- 89-85% 3.5 3.0
C+ 84-82% 3.0 2.5
C/C- 81-77% 2.5 2.0
D+ 76-74% 2.0 1.5
D/D- 73-70% 1.5 1.0
F 69-0% 0 0



Religion 8 semesters
English 8 semesters
Science 6 semesters
Social Studies 6 semesters
Mathematics 6 semesters
World Language 4 semesters
Fine Arts 2 semesters
Physical Education 2 semesters
 Electives 2 semesters

Parent Resources

Progress Reports: Parents can sign up to receive progress reports with varying levels of detail daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We encourage you to sign up for the online progress report. Through PowerSchool you have direct access to progress reports. Progress reports will be available on PowerSchool the third week of September and the third week in November. During the second semester reports will be available the second week in February and the third week in April. Current grades are always available on Power School.

Report Cards: Report cards are issued four times a year. The first report card is available at Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences. We encourage parents to attend conferences. Students are always welcome to attend conferences with their parents. Remaining report cards will be available on PowerSchool.

Power School: New students and parents will receive directions in the mail for setting up their Power School accounts. This web-based program allows students and parents to check grades online. Teachers will post test and quiz grades within two weeks after tests or quizzes were given. Research papers and major project grades will be posted within a month of the due date.