Student Life

Marian provides the opportunities of a large high school in a smaller high school setting. With an enrollment of over 700, Marian has what researchers say are the benefits of an optimum enrollment size (600-900): stronger student achievement, higher participation among students and a richer curriculum. As a result, Marian offers the most comprehensive academic and extracurricular programs to ensure the development of the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially.

With over 50 Clubs and Activities available and 22 Athletic teams to join, a Marian girl has endless opportunities to develop her leadership potential, become part of a group, discover who she is and experience new and diverse opportunities. Click here to view the Marian Podcast and see what life was like this week at Marian.

Catch the Marian Spirit

MarianSpiritMarian’s spirit is in the air, and is known and felt by everyone Marian touches. You feel our energetic spirit from the moment you walk in the school, and you see this spirit of pride and joy in our students, staff, parents and alumnae. Marian’s traditions are steeped in spirit, promoting unity, fun and camaraderie. Because of this spirit, Marian has an ever-growing, close-knit community of graduates whose life-long friendships and support for the school continue to strengthen over the generations. Marian is a true sisterhood that lasts a life time – once a Marian girl, always a Marian girl.


Marian Tradition

Marian is steeped in traditions that truly define Marian as a school where young women are empowered to succeed. These time-honored events and activities promote school and class spirit, endorse healthy class competition and help Marian girls develop their leadership and teamwork skills. Whether the freshman or senior class proves victorious in the end, each class competes respectfully and encourages one another to do its best.