A Cappella Club

_A Capella

The A Cappella Club is Marian’s premiere singing club! Bring your voices and join them for some aca-awesomeness as they jam without instruments. The A Cappella Club sings, snaps, and claps every Friday morning and performs for the school at various times throughout the year. This club meets on Fridays at 7:20 a.m. as needed. A Cappella Club is moderated by Mrs. Kolterman.

Art Club


The Art Club is open to students interested in art. Members will participate in field trips and create a group art project. This club meets every other Wednesday before school. Art Club is moderated by Mrs. Bauer.

Big Sister Program


Marian’s Big Sisters are junior students who help the freshmen (Little Sisters) become acclimated to the Marian experience. The Big Sisters host a series of events with their Little Sisters each year. Juniors who are energetic, responsible and welcoming are encouraged to join. This program meets as needed. The Big Sisters are moderated by Mrs. Woodman.

Bowling Club


The Marian Bowling Club hosts league bowling on Tuesday right after school at Maplewood Lanes. The league runs in the fall for 8 weeks and there is a weekly fee for bowling and shoe rental. This club meets on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. Bowling Club is moderated by Mrs. Gelecki.

Campus Ministry


Marian’s Campus Ministry Program is an all-inclusive group that has several student-led ministries taking place throughout the year. Ministries include Liturgical Ministry, Worship Choir, Retreat Leaders, FIAT (Faith In Action Team), Service Site Leaders, Morning Prayer Leaders and Shadow Crew. All leadership positions are chosen in the spring for the following year through a selective application process. The group meets as needed. Campus Ministry is moderated by Dcn. Fuller, Sr. Jackie and Mrs. Kolterman.



Marian has a varsity cheerleading squad that performs at all home and away basketball and volleyball games. This team of girls pledge their time and support to the athletic programs at Marian. In addition to attending games, the cheerleaders design posters, make announcements and spark spirit for the athletic teams. Tryouts are held each spring and any student may audition, including incoming freshmen. Cheerleaders meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 a.m. Their moderator is Amber Elsasser.

Chess Club


Checkmate! The Marian Chess Club seeks to teach and promote the classic game of chess within Marian as well as the wider community. The Chess Club meets after school on Wednesday every other week in Room 315, and members compete in chess competitions with other local schools. Meetings begin in mid-October. The Chess Club is moderated by Mr. Anderson.

Creative Writing Club


Burn, Marian’s literary magazine, is published two times each year and strives to showcase the original artwork, photography and creative writing of Marian students. As a forum for creative student expression, the goal of the magazine is to give students a place to publish their work and a place to have their peers appreciate their work. You must apply and be selected on the staff to participate in this activity. However, any student is welcome to contribute to the magazine. This club meets Tuesdays as needed at 6:00 p.m. Creative Writing Club is moderated by Mrs. Kalkowski and Mrs. Cisco.

Dance Teams


The Dance Teams work together to build school spirit and support the athletic programs at Marian. There are two teams at Marian, junior varsity and varsity. The teams consist of ninth through twelfth grade girls. They perform at numerous events throughout the year including home basketball games, Creighton Prep’s homecoming game, pep rallies and Creighton University basketball games. The teams meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:20 a.m. They are moderated by AbbyJo Luquette and Sarah Diego.

Decade Darlings


Decade Darlings is a daily after-school prayer group started by students to pray for each other. Students and staff of any faith background are welcome to come and pray a decade of the Rosary in the school chapel. The group also plans to do faith-building activities with the Servants of Mary on a regular basis. There is no long-term commitment necessary. It is the perfect way to wait for the parking lot to clear or wait for carpools. On Wednesdays, this group joins with Hearts of Marian for prayer and faith-building. This group meets daily from 3:15-3:30 p.m. The Decade Darlings are moderated by Mrs. Kalkowski.

Equestrian Club


The Equestrian Club is open to all students who have an interest in learning more about horses, styles of riding, and horse care. Members range from having riding experience to having never been on a horse. It is not necessary to own a horse to be in the club. Activities include going to stables and supporting HETRA. This club meets on Thursdays before school once or twice a month, with occasional activities at the stables after school.

Fandom Club


A fandom is a community that surrounds a TV show/movie/book /comic/band/etc. Most members happen to be Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers or have a general appreciation for those who are. It is not uncommon for fandoms to have clubs, conventions and amateur magazines (fanzines), dating back (in some cases) to the early 1930s. The basic idea of fandom club is to bring people together and to create a real sense of community among, not just members of one fandom, but all fandoms in the club. The motto this year is “Fandoms Unite.”  This club meets on Fridays as needed at 7:20 a.m. Fandom Club is moderated by Mrs. Raabe.



The FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) grants students the opportunity to get involved with the business world through experiences involving field trips, speakers, state, regional and national conferences and community service projects. FBLA is also in charge Blue Brew Coffee Shop at Marian. FBLA is moderated by Mr. Panning.

French Club


The French Club promotes a greater awareness and understanding of the language, literature and cultures of the French-speaking world. This club meets as needed. French Club is moderated by Mrs. Tuttle.

Girls 4 Girls Club


Girls 4 Girls is a club whose mission is to spread an uplifting and non-competitive spirit not only within the Marian community, but to girls everywhere through bi-monthly affirmations and discussions on women’s and social issues. We meet on Monday mornings at 7:15 a.m. in Room 215. Girls 4 Girls Club is moderated by Ms. Sisson.

Harry Potter Club


The Harry Potter Club is an inclusive club for Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Students in this club gather once a month to express their love for the world of Harry Potter and participate in a fun activity. Harry Potter Club is moderated by Mrs. Roger.

Hearts of Marian


Hearts of Marian provides a welcoming, retreat-like atmosphere in which all freshmen through senior girls have the opportunity to become aware of and understand God’s grace and presence within their everyday lives, their families, and their Catholic faith. Through music, journaling, scripture, reflection, and prayer, the girls take a break from their busy schedules to rest in God’s love and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. This group meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30 p.m. in the Marian school chapel. No registration is needed and girls can come and go as their schedules permit. Hearts of Marian is moderated by Ruthanne Mantini and Sr. Jackie.



I.D.E.A.S. (Increasing Diversity and Equality Among Students) educates the student body about various cultures and creates an environment open to diversity, dignity and respect for all people. This club meets on Wednesdays before or after school.

Knitting Club


The Knitting Club is a group of students who want to learn to knit and improve their knitting skills. The club meets once a week to teach each other and support one another in projects. They also choose a service project each year and donate their knitted creations to organizations that can benefit, whether it be baby hats for Emergency Pregnancy Services or scarves for a homeless shelter. Knitting Club is moderated by Ms. Spanbauer.

Latin Club


Latin Club, or Junior Classical League, is a social club open to students currently taking a Latin class. Its main goal is for Latin students to get to know each other through enjoyable activities. Leaders are elected from each Latin level who meet monthly to plan events. The events themselves occur one or more times per month and include such things as classical movie and pot-luck nights, cheering at sporting events in togas, going out to eat and at least one service project per year. This club meets as needed. Latin Club is moderated by Mr. Koesters.



M.A.C.C. (Marian Academic Competition Club) is an activity for students with high academic interest who like to test their skills in Quiz Bowl competitions with other area high schools. At the meetings, students form teams and answer general-knowledge questions across all academic areas – math, science, language arts, history, etc. M.A.C.C. practices are a “come when you like” activity, and the competitions are completely voluntary.  All Marian students are welcome and encouraged to give M.A.C.C. a try! This club meets after school every other week during the season from mid-October through April. 

Marian Students for Life


Marian Students for Life is ready to educate and live out the pro-life message to all girls interested. “We are trying to spread an awareness about the dignity of all human life and help people become educated on this human rights issue,” co-founder Anna Kenney ’19 says. The club plans to meet once a month, aside from service opportunities, in Room 211. Activities for the club include fundraising, volunteering, guest speakers, educational opportunities and a potential trip to the March for Life in Lincoln and/or Washington D.C. Anyone and everyone is welcome to learn, pray and grow. Marian Students for Life is moderated by Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Bauman.

Math Club


Math Club is open to all students who enjoy mathematics. This club meets two Thursday mornings per month. Math Club is moderated by Ms. Han.

Mock Trial


On the Mock Trial Team, girls learn the rules of evidence, trial procedure, how to make opening and closing statements, examination of witnesses and more. This is a great opportunity to perfect speaking skills, learn how to effectively draft arguments and understand a career path in the legal field. Members of the team play attorneys and witnesses on a case and conduct jury trials at the competitions in the Douglas County Courthouse. The trials are run by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation. The Mock Trial Team has tryouts in August and competes during the fall. Practice takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and they are mandatory. The Mock Trial Team competes against other schools and has the opportunity to compete in regionals, state or even nationals depending on the team’s success during the regular season. Tryouts are open to students in all grades. Mock Trial is run by Caroline Nelsen and Courtney Foltz, and is moderated by Marian social studies teacher Mr. Dziadus.

Operation Others


Operation Others provides food for 1,600 families for the Christmas holiday season and consists of students from the eight Omaha area Catholic High Schools. Each school has a leadership team of five students who meet weekly to plan fundraising and food gathering events in preparation for the delivery day. Any student can become involved in one or all of these events to the level her time and commitment allow. At Marian, Operation Others has a monthly meeting before school which is open to all students to get them involved and to share information about activities. Operation Others is moderated by Mr. Koesters.

Operation Welcome


“Operation Welcome” is a club that will help to settle newly-arriving refugee families in Omaha. Club members will work together with students at Creighton Prep to set up a new family’s home with furniture, household items and food before they arrive. They will greet them at the airport and welcome them into the community. The club will sponsor one family in the fall and one family in the spring. Club meetings are generally twice a month before school (more when needed). Operation Welcome is moderated by Mrs. Salzman.

Pantomime Troupe


Pantomime is action without words. The Troupe consists of members from all classes who create both serious and humorous mimes. The Troupe performs for schools, banquets and organizations. Marian’s troupe is the only troupe in the State of Nebraska! This group meets every Monday at 7:15 a.m. They are moderated by Mrs. Delisi.

Poetry Slam Club

poetry slam

Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join the Poetry Slam Club. Working with a professional writer, club members learn to write and perform original poetry. The club participates in the Great Plains division of the Louder Than a Bomb teen poetry festival each spring. Poetry Slam Club meets every Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. 

Polar Plunge


The Polar Plunge Club raises money for the Special Olympics through various fundraising opportunities, but most prominently through the Polar Plunge event; which involves jumping into Lake Cunningham during the winter. This club meets in the mornings as needed before the plunge. Polar Plunge is moderated by Mrs. McLeay.

Prom Committee


This committee plans, organizes and decorates for Prom with the help of Ms. Spanbauer. The Prom Committee meets on Tuesdays at 7:20 a.m.

Recruitment Team


Marian’s Recruitment Team is responsible for promoting Marian High School. The organization’s activities include grade school visitations, Open House, Home Coffees, Placement Exam and 6th & 7th Grade Exam and Workshop. Team members act as hostesses and guides to prospective students spending a day at Marian. The group meets as needed. Recruitment Team is moderated by Mrs. Woodman.

Robotics Club


The Marian Robotics Club focuses on using teamwork to learn both operational and programming skills centered on the CEENBoT robot. The teams participate in local competitions at the Nebraska Robotics Expo and the AIM HIGH Robotics Challenge. Robotics is open to students of all grade levels. Robotics Club meets as a large group approximately 2 months prior to any competitions. Group work times are determined as teams are formed and schedules allow. Robotics Club is moderated by Mrs. Genoways.

Rock Band Club


The Rock Band Club, or “Marian School of Rock,” is a place for singers and instrumentalists of all levels to get together and jam! The club meets once a month before school in the Performing Arts Center to hang out and make music. The club is great for those who love music or want to learn how to play a certain instrument. Any talent level is welcome. Those in the club are split up into bands to work with other students from different classes. This gives students an opportunity to meet new people and shows that music has no boundaries. 

Running Club


The Running Club is a club that meets during the off-season for cross country and track to stay in shape and have fun. The club is open to anyone, not necessarily just cross country and track athletes. Running club meets two to three times a week after school to run near Marian and off campus, and also offers opportunities to participate in road races. Running Club is moderated by Mrs. Cotton and Ms. Han.

S.A.M.E. Club


The Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.) is a national professional engineering organization. Each school year the Omaha chapter organizes a Student Mentoring Program (SMP) and competition. The program is designed to stimulate the student’s interest and excitement in engineering, architecture and the related sciences. The program began in 1994 and has offered more than 4000 students an opportunity to participate in “real-life” projects facilitated by professional engineers, architects and other science-related professionals. The program stresses STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math), teamwork and problem solving. Marian’s S.A.M.E. Club is moderated by Mr. Winterboer.

Science Club


Students perform unique science experiments while learning about a variety of fields of science that are not taught in the classroom such as zoology, astronomy and forensic science. Students can display their passion and knowledge for science by competing in science competitions against other high schools throughout the state of Nebraska. Membership is open to all students with a passion for learning about the diverse subject of science! The Science Club meets one Wednesday morning each month. Click here to view their club website! This club is moderated by Mrs. Tunink.

Servite Connections


Marian students in grades 9-12 are invited to join the Servite Connections Club. This club continues the work of Esprit de Corps by instilling in Marian students an awareness of and appreciation for the Servants of Mary mass in September and Mission Week activities in November. Club members also seek opportunities to engage and interact with the Servite sisters and maintain communication with other Servite schools around the world and identify opportunities for engagement using technology, social media, travel and curriculum exchanges. This club meets as needed at 7:20 a.m. Servite Connections Club is moderated by Ms. Sisson.

Show Choir

show choir

Marian’s Show Choir, “Marian Momentum,” is an auditioned performance group that competes in local contests during second semester. Auditions for the group are held in the spring. This is the first year for show choir at Marian. The group meets two evenings a week during the school year. Show Choir is moderated by Ms. Morrissey.

Sign Language Club


Sign Language Club is open to any student who has an interest in learning some of the basic signs of ASL (American Sign Language). Club members will also have opportunities to immerse themselves in the deaf culture through a variety of activities, including a trip to the Iowa School for the Deaf, attending interpreted events, and going to a movie with rear captioning. Meetings are held twice a month on Thursdays at 7:20 a.m. Sign Language Club is moderated by Mr. Delkamiller.

Spanish Club


The Spanish Club promotes a greater awareness, understanding and enjoyment of the language, literature and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. This club meets as needed.

S.T.A.R. Program


The S.T.A.R. (Student Theatre Aide Resource) Program provides Marian students with the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience and advance learning opportunities in the fields of lighting and sound, while providing service to the Marian community and beyond. The application is very selective and open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Students selected will receive tuition credit for their work. This group meets as need. This program is moderated by Mrs. Delisi.

Step Club


Step Club is a club that provides opportunities to all students who would like to experience dance in a new and exciting way. The group will come together to choreograph their unique dance moves and rhythm routines to various songs and drum cadences. It provides an avenue for those who love to dance expressively but do not have the time to pursue other structured dance opportunities. This club is for fun. It is non-competitive and will perform, if opportunities arise, to do so. Step teams have a rich diverse and cultural history. This club meets every Friday before school at 7:45 a.m. 

Student Trainers


The Student Athletic Trainers/Assistant Head Athletic Trainer assist the Head Athletic Trainer in caring for the athletic teams at Marian. This involves attending practices and games for all levels of all sports. The time commitment is daily after school as well as evenings as the game schedules dictate. You will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of the athletic training profession including care and prevention of injuries, rehabilitation, and emergency management. Please see Mrs. Brusnahan if interested.

Sundae Wednesday Club


The Sundae Wednesday Club is an organization that raises money, through the selling of ice cream toppings in the cafeteria at lunch, to provide ice cream parties 3-4 times per year for kids in homeless shelters around Omaha. Students donate the toppings that we sell, and any students who have donated ice cream toppings are invited to help throw the ice cream parties for the homeless children. Sundae Wednesday Club is moderated by Ms. Spanbauer.



The T.A.R.S. (Technical Aid Resource Students) program allows students to gain valuable experience working in the Field of Information Technology while serving the Marian Community. They are selected during their junior year to assist students, faculty and staff with their technology issues during their senior year. The T.A.R.S. will assist the Technology Department with many tasks including maintaining Marian computer systems, installing software and hardware and assisting with various technology-related projects during the summer. The program is very selective and participating students will receive tuition discounts for their service. The T.A.R.S. meet on a daily basis to fulfill responsibilities. They are moderated by Mr. Deibler.

Trap Shooting Club


Focusing on gun safety and education, Marian’s trap shooting team competes at local and national competition. Hunter’s Safety course is required and classes are offered in late September. The team meets on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and Tuesdays after school. Trap Shooting Club is moderated by Bruce Esser and Mrs. Genoways Click here to view the team’s website.

Worship Choir


Worship choir is a Campus Ministry group open to all students and staff with no application required and no experience necessary. The choir leads the Marian community in prayer through song at each all-school mass and prayer service.  This activity offers an opportunity to experience the fun and blessings of singing contemporary worship music as well as involvement in school-wide Campus Ministry. The choir meets on Wednesdays as needed at 10 a.m. and on some Tuesday mornings at 7:15 a.m. Worship Choir is moderated by Mrs. Kolterman.

Yoga Club


Yoga club is a group of girls that want to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging members to attend yoga sessions twice a month. Members will learn stretching techniques to deal with stress and ways to relax. The club meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Yoga Club is moderated by Ms. Janata.

Young Medicine Club


If you think that a career in a medical-related field may be in your future, then we prescribe the Young Medicine Club! When it comes to learning the honest truth about what it takes to be prepared for college and beyond, this is just what the doctor ordered. This club has monthly speakers from various medical professions, hands-on activities and mentoring opportunities. Young Medicine Club is moderated by Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Genoways.

Young Politicians Club


The Young Politicians Club is an inclusive club for young progressives, conservatives, libertarians and liberals alike. The club serves as a forum for discussing current issues in politics and learning how the political process works. Students gather twice a month to focus on spreading political awareness and civic participation in the Marian community. Young Politicians Club is moderated by Mrs. Roger.

Student Government

Class Officers


A group of students is elected within classes to serve the needs of each class. Membership will vary according to class enrollment. Officers are responsible for class activities, meetings and any other class project. They strive to encourage unity in the class.

Student Board


The elected Board members strive to unify students and faculty by improving all means of communication. The student leaders work to unify the entire school in its activities and programs. All clubs are directly accountable to the Student Board and chartered by the Student Board. Student Board is moderated by Mrs. Dye and Ms. Abel.

Honor Societies

International Thespian Society


This society recognizes those students who excel in theatre. Membership is earned by participating in Marian’s theatre program and accumulating points towards membership. The membership fee is $25. This society is moderated by Mrs. Delisi.

Mu Alpha Theta


Mu Alpha Theta fosters an interest in mathematics and a continuation or development for individuals in the area of mathematics. To become a member, students must complete through Advanced Algebra with a cumulative math GPA of 3.5.

National English Honor Society


Marian’s Marcella Chapter, named in honor of Sr. Marcella Sitzmann, a Servant of Mary, an English teacher, and the first principal of Marian, consists of juniors and seniors who have held an A in five semesters of required English courses. Marian’s Marcella Chapter of the National English Honor Society was the first to be chartered in the state of Nebraska. It is affiliated with the national collegiate honorary, Sigma Tau Delta. NEHS is moderated by Ms. Sisson.

National Forensic League


The National Forensic League recognizes excellence in the areas of public speaking and oral interpretation. Membership is earned through participation in speech competitions held throughout the year. NFL is moderated by Mrs. Tripe.

National French Honor Society


The French Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français) is an organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement in French. Third year students must have an “A” average in French to be eligible for membership. The Société Honoraire de Français is moderated by Mrs. Tuttle.

National Honor Society


Candidate selection for the NHS is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and service. The GPA requirement is a cumulative 3.8 and membership is granted during junior and senior year. NHS is moderated by Mrs. DeWispelare.

National JCL Honor Society


The National Junior Classical League Honor Society is the junior branch of the American Classical League. Any student who has maintained an A average in the third or fourth year of Latin is eligible for membership in the honor society. The National Junior Classical League Honor Society is moderated by Mr. Koesters.

National Spanish Honor Society


The Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) is an organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement in Spanish. Third year students must have an “A” average in Spanish to be eligible for membership.

Quill & Scroll


This international honorary society for high school journalists was chartered in 1958 at Marian. It recognizes members of the journalism program who meet the standards set by the organization. Click here to visit the Marian Quill & Scroll website. Quill & Scroll is moderated by Mrs. Kalkowski.

Rho Kappa


Rho Kappa is the only national Honor Society dedicated to recognizing the excellence of students in the field of Social Studies. Only seniors are eligible for membership, which is earned by completing six semesters of Social Studies classes by their junior year, and registering to take a seventh semester. Students maintain a 4.0 GPA in the discipline of Social Studies and 3.5 overall GPA. The Marian Chapter of the Rho Kappa Society was the first chapter sponsored in the State of Nebraska. Rho Kappa is moderated by Mrs. McLeay.

Science National Honor Society


The Marian Chapter of the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) encourages and recognizes scientific and intellectual thought, allows students to communicate with the scientific community and encourages students to participate in community service while demonstrating a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all people. Student inductees are second semester juniors who have maintained an A average in all of their science courses and have completed or are currently enrolled in at least one honors science course. In order to remain in the chapter during their senior year of high school, students must enroll in at least one science course. Marian was the first school in the State of Nebraska to sponsor a chapter of SNHS. SNHS is moderated by Mrs. Genoways.

*Some photographs courtesy of Marian Journalism Students