Harvard Model Congress is the largest congressional simulation conference in the world and it is run entirely by Harvard undergraduate students. Founded in 1986,  the conference allows students to tackle a diverse array of complex issues and engage in debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, testimonies and crises. By assuming the role of real-life congressmen, senators and members of government, students expand their own perspectives and experience the issues at hand in a new way.

This year, 20 Marian students traveled to Boston to participate in the conference, along with English teacher Susie Sisson and Social Studies teacher Katy Salzman. At the end of the conference, the best student delegates are recognized. TWO Marian students were recognized this year! Josie Golka ‘22 received the Best Delegate Award for the Senate Judiciary Committee and Malerie Birkel ‘22 received Honorable Mention for the United Nations Security Council.

Josie served as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Malerie represented Kenya on the United Nations Security Council. For preparation, Josie studied the issues of Supreme Court packing and voting rights. Malerie researched how to achieve justice for the Rohingya people and how to restructure the U.N. Security Council.